3D Modeling
Advanced Surface modeling, Solid Modeling, Mold & Tooling design.

Computer Aided Design also referred to as CAD is a process utilized to create virtual model of various products. This technology is used in almost all industries in some way or form. The 3D Model is an integral asset for the design and development of products and ideas of all sizes and function. From surface modeling to mechanical solid modeling, CADitUP is your one stop solution for creating accurate models.

What can a 3D model be used for?

  • Generating Blueprints and Drawings
  • 3D Printing – STL Models
  • Tooling & Mold Manufacturing
  • Product Rendering & Visualization
  • 3D Product Animation

Consumer Products
Toys and various plastic injection molded products,

Eyewear | Jewelry Design
3D Modeling of parts and assemblies for 3D printing, manufacturing, and rendering purposes.

Sheet Metal Products
Point of Sale Displays, Metal Furniture, Commercial Products & Equipment

Custom Vehicles & Transportation
Create completely unique promotional and marketing vehicles, customized utility vehicles, trailers, or or aftermarket car products.

Architectural Design
3D modeling of retail interior, cinema marquee, and commercial building.

3D Rendering & Visualization
Still Renderings & Animations can be used for website content, shopping cart images, product configuration applications, print and advertising and more.

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